Trendy Design Ideas For Sustainable Modern Homes

How does your dream home look like?

Is it powered by renewable solar energies?

Or, it is surrounded by greenery and plants or flooded with enough natural light?

Well, a home is more than just a building of bricks and woods. They represent a safe place of belonging and thus, it ought to reflect the resident’s values, lifestyle, and way of living.

With the soaring rate of man-made carbon emissions polluting our climates, global warming melting the ice glaciers at an alarming rate, and we living among zillions of toxic chemical gasses; don’t you think it’s time to make your homes more environmentally friendly and more sustainable?

Are you ready to know more about green homes and develop your residence into something more sustainable and eco-friendly? Let’s take a look at the perfect feats of architectural brilliance that you can contemplate for your modern green home designs!

The construction sectors in major cities like Palo Alto accounts for one-third of all the energy-related CO2 emissions. Also, if you check this figure on a global basis, then worldwide, around 60% of the electricity is consumed only by the residential and commercial buildings – through the figure may vary far and wide in terms of climatic conditions, geographical locations, and energy consumption patterns of the building.

So it is now very much clear that, this particular sector posse a key role in enhancing global resource efficiency in the upcoming centuries. And that’s where ‘Green Home Revolution’ comes to the front position.

Significance Of Sustainable Home Architectures In 21st Century

Architecture presents several unique challenges in terms of home development and renovation. And if you’re trying your hands in the field of building sustainability; then the challenges are going to be endless. Traditional construction projects put away materials in large quantities, produce zillions of waste constituents, and often contribute to the environment and air pollution at an intense level.

Sustainable or green construction is defined as “the conceptualization, creation, and development of healthy and eco-friendly buildings which are based on resource efficiency, sustainability, and ecological ideologies”. The primary aim of sustainable architecture is to lessen the negative impacts on our environment and abridge the greenhouse gas emissions through energy and resource proficiency.
Sustainable Home Architectures include a few essential principles like:

  • Using renewable and recyclable materials
  • Minimizing the consumption of non-renewable resources
  • Enhancing the availability of natural energy and lights
  • Eradicating the use of toxic chemicals, goods, and materials for architectural designing
  • Making the lifestyle more eco-friendly with smart sustainable appliances
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and negative impact on the environment

Eco-Friendly Homes with Dreamy Designs To Embrace In 2021

‘Green Home’ widely signifies to the buildings where energy efficiency level is higher, use of environmental toxins is nil or underrated, materials and resources are used most responsibly, and the environment is fairly protected from pollutions and toxic waste emissions.

And in order to embrace all these qualities and adhere to the methodologies and criteria of green homes, here are some trendy sustainable house designs that will eventually help you reduce your negative impacts on the environment.

From colossal statement windows to tiny green rooms; from recycled waste materials to renewable solar energy panels, these ideas will help you reflecting the green building movement in your new home.

Room Sizes & Layouts For More Ecological Designs!

This may not be an agreeable idea to every homeowner, but buildings with smaller rooms are more energy-efficient than large rooms. Small rooms reduce the use of excessive materials and condense the energy needs required for heating and cooling. Compact layouts, conventional cubes, and smaller domains are better for making sustainable homes.

Use Of Renewable & eco-Friendly Materials Is Must!

Renewable and eco-friendly material is the main feature of sustainable houses. It should be built using materials that are locally sourced, can be recycled and reused, and have lesser or zero impacts on the environment. For example, you can use local flooring granite, reclaimed wood, recycled steel, reprocessed bricks, and recycled glass countertops for your home interior.

Better Orientation For Greater Sustainability

For homes presented in extreme climatic regions like punishing cold or hot; the better orientation of the house you have, the better huge sustainability you can be assured of. For sustainable yet trendy designs, you can add several features like planting trees near windows to get shades or fixing awnings to minimize the sun glare to reduce overheating.

Smart & Energy-Efficient Fixtures & Appliances!

Your sustainable house design must feature smart and energy-efficient fixtures and appliances Tank-less water heaters, Energy-efficient doors and windows, insulated electrical conduit, energy-star TV, and energy-efficient LED lights. While buying the appliances, don’t forget to check their energy-star ratings. Also, your air conditioning units, heating apparatuses, and kitchen appliances should all be energy star rated.

Plumbing Fixtures For Water Conservation!

Water conservation and recycling are a must for sustainable homes. Thus, make sure your toilets and other plumbing fixtures to be energy-efficient and have abridged or Low-flow water usage. Installing sustainable plumbing fixtures, i.e. Pressure Reducing Valves, Low-Flow Shower Heads, Low-Flush Toilets, Recyclable Hot Water Pumps, and Energy Efficiency Faucets can help you save gallons of water.

Check For Green Roofing & Wall Materials!

Green roofing is one of the best organic ideas for sustainable homes. Alongside walls that can easily absorb solar heat, green roof designs provide extra insulation and keep the energy consumption level down. For walls, suing bricks that are made up of lime, sand, cement and other natural goods are ideal for fire-restive and water-restive home designs.

Concluding Thoughts

Considering the predictable growth of the construction industry, it is now high time to follow the philosophy of green homes to ensure healthy, protected, and sustainable living. Undoubtedly, the residential sector can significantly contribute to the mitigation of climate change so sustainable homes or buildings should now be a priority for every homeowner. Considering the pace of global warming and environmental pollution, green homes should now be the unquestionable way of home design philosophy and not exclusion.

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