4 Latest Plumbing Trends That Every Modern Home Needs To Integrate With

Are you planning for a major bathroom remodeling?

Well, knowing what’s in trend, which products and technologies are being used by international designers, and which plumbing trends are going beyond just plumbing works can add a major perk to your bathroom renovation project. After all, if you have a fair idea of what’s trending, you can make a great deal with the home decorator or plumbing renovator of your locality while pulling off your dream project.

Best Plumbing Fittings For Modern Homes

Tankless Water Heaters

If you’re living in a tropical area, having a water heater is a must. And if the water heater is tankless, just imagine how much space it will save? Available in both electric and gas options, tankless water heaters are being hit with more than 20,000 Google searches per month.

As the name already suggests, a tankless water heater is a water heater that doesn’t use a tank to store warm water. Rather, it heats the water synching with the flows through the tank, thus, delivering an endless supply of hot water to the users.

Smart Irrigation

The second most searched plumbing product on Google is Smart Irrigation. This high-end irrigation technology can be controlled by a digital remote-control device, operated through a mobile application. It lets you set the smart timers to control what gets watered when. It is convenient and super easy to use.

The system of smart irrigation is specially designed to automatically adjust based on the climate forecasts, made by the National Weather Service. Enjoying the ultimate convenience of tightly controlling the irrigation system is what makes people search and shop for this product more and more globally.

Automatic Leak Detector

The next most searched plumbing technology is automatic, smart leak detector. As the name already suggests, this device detects the leakage of the pipeline automatically and warns the homeowners before their home gets flooded. You can install these detectors are manually where a leak is expected to occur.

With these devices, you can save millions of additional expenses that involve leaky pipes for a long time, unexpected floods, scheduling a plumber multiple times, and other water damages. Be it the homeowners or professional plumbers, this device is helpful for everyone concerned with their water system.

Touchless Faucet

Touchless faucet is another trending and popular plumbing fitting of the current time. It works just as its name advocates. With an inbuilt sensor, it automatically detects when your hand is placed under the faucet and robotically rinse water. No touch is needed to turn the faucet on.

A touchless faucet is suitable for both the kitchen and bathroom of the home. They are also very much handy to be operated than the conventional faucets. Without any touch and without spreading any germs, you can operate and use the faucets in both your bath space and kitchen.

Smart technology, greater convenience, easy-to-use features, and practical features make these plumbing products the most trending ones globally. Browse https://greenberg.design/ and schedule an appointment with the plumbing experts to know more about these items.

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