Inspiring Bathroom Fitting Trends To Look For In 2022

New bathroom trends for 2022 have already become the talk of the town. Not just irrigation systems or mere fittings, the latest bathroom and sanitary fittings are all about trendy shapes, eco-friendly materials, the convenience of use, energy efficiency, bold look, and unique features.

Putting it simply, bathroom fitting trends for 2022 are just what every modern home needs for a stunning-yet-functional makeover. Whether it is a complete bathroom makeover or a quick remodeling to add some modernity to the space, perusing the latest bathroom trends is a great way to start.

Some of these trends are too bold to have great longevity, while some may quickly vanish from the picture. For a classic, timeless look for your bath space, let’s check out what the interior design experts have to say about the latest trends of the bathroom and sanitary fittings!

Crafting A Dedicated Spa Space!

Who doesn’t love luxurious, relaxing, and spa-like ambiance? However, now you don’t need to visit a spa more often to chill out as you can turn your ordinary bath space into a luxury spa for retreat and self-care. Simply add a bathtub that comes in a myriad of styles—from reclaimed wood to Lucite, install a few rows of open shelving on the walls, add a few luxury baskets for fancy soaps and towels, sprinkle some aromatic mists everywhere, and bang on! Enjoy your own, instant spa retreat.

Curved Showers & Sculptural Taps!

The best bathroom fitting that we have witnessed in recent years is curved showers and sculptural taps. Stunning and sophisticated, stylish and functional, these modern versions of the most basic bathroom fittings can add a sense of uniqueness, attractiveness, and elegance to your bath space. If you want to enjoy a sense of walking into a luxurious and cocooning space while enjoying a matchless visual interest appeal and modernity; then curved showers & sculptural taps are the best add-ons for your bathroom.

Statement Lighting For A Refined Illumination!

The most basic, yet very much integral part of the bathroom, lights can change the look and feel of your entire bath space. Adding a piece of statement light, with soft and neutral color, multiple yet clutter-free bulbs and clean lines of the lighting system can seamlessly complement the simplicity and exquisiteness of your bathroom. minimalistic cage-style chandelier, floor lamps, flush mount lighting, Hollywood regency style lights, oversized lamps, and concrete pendants are some of the most visually exciting statement lighting options for modern bathrooms.

King-Size & Polychrome Tiles For A Flamboyant Look!

If you’re a color lover and love the modern color pop designs, then oversized, multicolored tiles will be the perfect fit to upgrade your bathroom. From warm to bold, from subtle to dazzling, you can revamp your old-style grey & white bath space with ultra-modern intriguing tiles. Alongside robust flooring, these tiles also complement your other bathroom decors and create a sync vibe inside. Available in a wide range of shades, styles, designs, patterns, and shapes, oversized tiles are just perfect for all kind

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