The Evolution of Interior Design: Trends in Accessories and Finishings

In the dynamic world of interior design, the constant evolution of styles, preferences, and technologies continuously shapes our living environments. As the founder of Greenberg Group, Inc., I have had the privilege of witnessing and contributing to these transformative trends, especially in the realm of accessories and finishings. These elements, though often subtle, play a pivotal role in defining the aesthetic and functional essence of interior spaces.

The Transformative Power of Accessories and Finishings

Interior design transcends beyond the basic arrangement of furniture and choice of wall colors. It’s in the nuanced details of accessories and finishings where the true personality of a space comes to life. These elements are akin to the final touches of a painter, bringing depth, contrast, and cohesion to the overall design narrative.

Why Details Matter:

  • Personalization: Accessories and finishings are the tools through which individuals can express their unique style and preferences, turning a house into a home.
  • Versatility: They offer a flexible and cost-effective means to refresh and update interiors according to changing trends or personal tastes.
  • Visual Impact: Small details can have a profound impact, often becoming conversation starters or focal points in a room.

Evolution of Interior Design Trends

The journey of interior design through various eras reflects the societal, technological, and cultural shifts. Each period in design history has left its mark, influencing how we perceive and interact with our spaces.

From Past to Present:

  1. The Glamour of the Past: Earlier eras favored opulence and grandeur, with a focus on rich textures, bold colors, and elaborate patterns.
  2. The Minimalist Movement: The shift towards minimalism marked a stark contrast, embracing simplicity, clean lines, and neutral palettes.
  3. The Rise of Eco-Friendly Designs: Recent years have seen a surge in environmentally conscious design, prioritizing sustainable, natural, and recycled materials.

Current Trends in Accessories and Finishings

The current landscape of interior design is a beautiful amalgamation of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and environmental consciousness.

Trending Now:

  1. Natural Materials: The use of organic materials like wood, stone, and natural fabrics is on the rise, not only for their sustainable qualities but also for the warmth and authenticity they bring to spaces.
  2. Metallic Accents: The incorporation of metallic elements like brass, copper, and brushed nickel adds a touch of refined elegance and can be seen in everything from hardware to decorative items.
  3. Textural Diversity: Embracing a variety of textures enriches the sensory experience of a space, from soft, plush fabrics to coarse, tactile surfaces like raw wood and stone.

Future Trends: What’s Next?

The future of interior design promises to be a captivating blend of technological integration, ecological responsibility, and cultural diversity.

Emerging Trends:

  1. Smart Home Accessories: The integration of technology in interior design is set to become more seamless and intuitive, with smart accessories that enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Sustainable and Recycled Materials: The focus on ecological responsibility is expected to intensify, with innovative use of recycled and upcycled materials becoming mainstream in design practices.
  3. Cultural Fusion: Global influences are increasingly shaping interior design, introducing a rich tapestry of styles, patterns, and textures from around the world.

The Art of Selecting Accessories and Finishings

The selection of accessories and finishings is a nuanced process that requires a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of the space, and an appreciation of the inhabitants’ lifestyles and preferences.

Tips for Selection:

  1. Understand Scale: It’s crucial to choose accessories that are proportionate to the space and the furniture within it, creating a balanced and harmonious look.
  2. Create Harmony: Selecting items that fit within a cohesive theme or color palette ensures a unified and pleasing aesthetic.
  3. Balance Function and Form: While aesthetics are important, functionality should not be compromised. Accessories should serve a purpose, whether for comfort, convenience, or utility.


The evolution of interior design, particularly in the realm of accessories and finishings, mirrors our ever-changing lifestyles and aesthetic inclinations. It’s a field that continually fascinates and inspires me. At Greenberg Design, we are dedicated to staying abreast of these evolving trends, ensuring that our designs resonate with our clients’ needs and desires, both functionally and aesthetically. Thank you for joining me in exploring the fascinating world of interior design trends.

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Maor Greenberg

With 15 years of expertise spanning real estate, design, and construction, Maor Greenberg founded Greenberg Group, Inc. His ventures range from architectural design to hands-on construction. Drawing inspiration from his family's entrepreneurial legacy in Israel, Maor's mission is to transform the home improvement landscape, offering an unparalleled, all-encompassing experience.