American vs. European – Which Trendiest Kitchen Cabinet You Should Choose?

While remodeling or reconstructing the kitchen, we come across a lot of choices regarding the selection of cabinets. Depending on the size of the area and interior designing aspects you have in mind, most homeowners pick the kitchen cabinets for their kitchen. But here is the trick – depending on your choices, budget, lifestyle, and interior decoration plans, there will be subtle differences between the choices and materials of cabinets for each project.  But among all the available options for kitchen cabinetry; the most widespread and popular choices while comparing to others, are American Kitchen Cabinets and European Kitchen Cabinets.

So do you wanna know more about the significant differences between American kitchen and European style kitchen cabinets? Let’s find out then! 

You are reading this article so chances are you’re either considering giving your old kitchen an upgraded look or planning for adding new cabinetry in your cook space. Well, before you move ahead with your plans; just take a moment and think about the essential factors that steered you to the considerations of kitchen remodeling. Now, compare your thoughts with the following top five reasons for kitchen redesigning:

  • Your existing kitchen is outdated and you want a new look and feel while cooking
  • You don’t like the interior deterioration of your existing kitchen
  • Your current kitchen does not fit your lifestyle
  • You have special needs for your family members
  • You are craving for a change in your cook space

Well, when you imagine redesigning your kitchen or try to reframe your kitchen into your dream version, what do you first notice?

Most people see the shiny new kitchen appliances while some visualize the dazzling new countertops. But only the smart homeowners first see the cabinetry in the kitchen? Kitchen cabinets are the basic parts for establishing an operational foundation of any kitchen. Plus, the look, durability, and functionality of the cabinetry also play a great role in making or breaking the entire kitchen design.

Categories Of Kitchen Cabinets To Consider 

Considering and picking a specific kitchen cabinetry style before you start the kitchen remodeling project helps you in many ways. It not only helps you coordinate all the materials, designs, and features you want for your new kitchen but also makes your work more hassle-free and quick. Whether you can make your research or can take the help of your designer or redeveloper personnel about various kitchen cabinets that will fit into your specific interior style. However, while picking up cabinets for your kitchen, remember that the options are primarily divided into the following three major categories, i.e.

  • Base Kitchen Cabinets: Base kitchen cabinetries are installed directly on the kitchen floor, providing support to the countertop.
  • Wall Kitchen Cabinets: Wall cabinetries are positioned on the kitchen wall with the support of screws and can add more appealing and decorative elements to your kitchen.
  • Tall Kitchen Cabinets: Also known as pantry or utility cabinets, tall kitchen cabinets can be mounted extendedly either from the floor to the ceiling, or can be used as free-standing pieces.

And while considering all these three major aspects of kitchen cabinetries; the two most popular choices that we get are:

  1. American Kitchen Cabinets
  2. European Kitchen Cabinets

Difference Between American & European Kitchen Cabinets 

European Cabinetry: A Quick Look On Pros & Cons 

European style cabinetries are one of the trendiest choices for kitchen remodelers. These cabinets are adaptable and specially designed to fit into the kitchens, variable in size. Usually, European Cabinetries are frameless and ensure more accessibility to the users. Euro-style kitchen cabinets can be ordered out of the basic catalog means there are great scopes of customizing the cabinets as per the need of your kitchen.

  • It adds a sleeker, more contemporary look to your kitchen.
  • Frameless designs of the Euro-style cabinets add a touch of ‘seamlessness’ to your cook space.
  • Another important benefit of European cabinets is their flexibility and ease of use.
  • Installing euro style cabinets make your space more functional, contemporary, and modern.
  • They are extremely stronger, durable, and are available in a wide range of shades and colors, including dark, bright, and bold hues.
  • Euro style cabinetries are more costly than their American counterparts.
  • Frameless cabinets often demand more labor and more expenses because of their extra installation time.
  • Solid forces like soil expansion, earthquakes, and other natural calamities can deteriorate the frameless cabinets and force them out of their alignment and off the hinges.
  • They also may decline or fall of the hinges if mounted on uneven surfaces or walls.
  • Frameless cabinets are mostly for contemporary-style interiors and won’t go well with traditional kitchen designs.

American Cabinetry: A Quick Look On Pros & Cons

American style cabinets are the traditional choices for kitchens. Also known as Face Frame cabinets, America cabinetry comes with a thick wood frame with the doors fastened with the concealed compact hinges. The boxes of the structure are hoarded and fenced at the top and bottom of the cupboard for creating usable spaces in your kitchen. Plus, these style cabinets also provide complete access to all the boxes, with more ease.

  • Framed cabinets are resilient and more hard-wearing than frameless models.
  • American style kitchen cabinets are less expensive than their euro counterparts.
  • You can get a huge range of materials, colors, and style options to choose from for your kitchen.
  • Being framed cabinets, they can be hung on any uneven walls without compromising their robustness and durability.
  • You don’t need to go with a one-size-fits-all approach because American cabinets are easy to customize.
  • Its simple math, more material used, more it will cost you – so American cabinetries are a little expensive.
  • Framed cabinets aren’t easy to access and harder to use because of their heights.
  • Installation of the framed cabinetry takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Framed cabinets need more maintenance and upkeep for a long-lasting sleek look.
  • Sometimes, having too much-boxed cabinetry makes your kitchen look overcrowded and jam-packed.

So it was a basic comparison between American & European Kitchen Cabinets. if you want to know more about their features, costs, and installation charges; visit us at https://!

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