Popular Window Trends To Relish In 2022

2022 has just arrived and not to mention – with so many new home décor opportunities. Homeowners and interior designers across the world have already started looking forward to the upcoming home décor trends to jazz up their adobes. And while talking about home décor trends, one home aspect that has surprisingly grabbed millions of eyeballs is the window décor and design trends.

Windows perform a perfect balance between practical functionalities, i.e., an inbound source for sunlight, air, and ventilation, and a complete aesthetic one, i.e., adding accent, décor, and esthetic values to the building. Curtains often become one of the accents in the interior due to their color scheme, texture, or design. In other cases, they harmoniously fit into the overall style of the room, emphasizing it.

Below is a quick rundown of the most popular window trends that gonna hit the red carpet in 2022 and will be the most sought-after option for everyone planning to upgrade their windows.

Arched Windows

Windows, especially the residential ones have traditionally been shaped as square or rectangles. But this is all gonna change in 2022 as arched windows are expected to make come back this year. Not just in schools, churches, and commercial buildings, arched windows will be seen in modern residential properties as well. They bring extra light to your space and can seamlessly incorporate with more intricate home decors too.

Chunky Trim Windows

In 2022, Chunky Trim Windows are anticipated to pop in the trending list. Using chunky trim on both sides of the windows will not just enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also make it more sustainable and functional too. Using trims on both exterior and interior sides will definitely make your windows stand out and also increase the property values in long run.

Black Frames Windows

The trend of Black Frames Windows has been there for quite a few years now. Installing black window frames on both sides of the windows will add a refined and elusive pop to your space and make it look more alluring. Apart from black hardware frames, you also can opt for white or brown frames to match your existing color scheme.

Shutters & Blinds

No matter which year we’re in, Shutters and Blinds will never go out of the trend. They are super easy to operate and can add charisma and elegance to your room. Shutters and blinds are extremely resistant to warping, moisture damage, and staining. You can opt from a variety of options including light control, moisture-resistant, and insulated ones to match your requirements.

Smart Windows

Smart windows gained a lot of popularity in 2021 and this year, this popularity is expected to continue too. Smart technology is something that you must consider while upgrading your windows this year. With a high-tech touch control system and great functionality, smart windows can add to your home automation and motorization efforts. Plus, they are also convenient and safe to use and can be operated with remote.


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