PITT cooking in various types of kitchen tops

The countertop is an important part of the appearance of the kitchen. Countertops are available in various materials and structures.

The counter top is an important part of the appearance of the kitchen. Counter tops are available in various materials and structures. It is important to choose the material that suits your personal kitchen style. We are happy to give you some examples of types of stone trays, combined with PITT cooking!


Marble is a natural stone type. Available in many different colors, often with the most beautiful lines. A marble counter top combined with PITT cooking will give your kitchen an exclusive look. Combine the tray with the PITT cooking Professional Edition for a classic look. Please note that marble is fairly sensitive to scratches and stains. The burners of PITT cooking have a catch tray that, just like a traditional hob, will absorb the majority of moisture and fat splashes. However, regular maintenance is important when you choose a marble counter top in your kitchen.


Composite countertops are available in many different colors and structures, and can easily be customized. This makes it suitable for any type of kitchen. It is a strong, moisture-resistant type of material that can take a beating. Combined with PITT cooking you make your kitchen your own. Both a counter top made of composite and PITT cooking are very easy to maintain: a good combination both during and after cooking!


Ceramic is a maintenance-friendly material. The type of stone gives a kitchen a sleek look. In modern kitchens, PITT cooking is often integrated in ceramics. The combination not only looks stylish, it is also easy to clean.


Concrete is a material with an industrial appearance. The material is resistant to heat and wear-resistant. When PITT cooking is combined with a concrete work surface, this creates a tough appearance. Just as with marble, regular maintenance is also required for concrete: because concrete is porous by nature, it is somewhat more sensitive to stains than other materials.

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