Insider Tips To Create A Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen In Your City Home

Use Wood For Your Cabinets!

Wooden cabinetry is timeless and classic. It’s also a great way to add warmth and character to your home. If you have the space, consider building custom cabinets out of solid hardwoods like maple or oak. You can use reclaimed Barnwood or even find a local carpenter who specializes in making custom pieces.

Reclaimed wood adds warmth and character to any space. You can find beautiful pieces at local salvage yards and antique stores. Adding wooden fixtures to your kitchen gives it a unique touch and makes it look more elegant. You can choose different types of wood depending on what kind of style you would like to present.

Make Sure Your Appliances Match Your Style!

The kitchen isn’t just for cooking anymore. In fact, they are often the perfect place to put everything you need while cooking or cleaning, from fun to entertainment. So, consider matching the appliances in your kitchen with the style you’re creating.

Follow a more minimalistic approach to jazz up the look. Match your appliances to the rest of your kitchen. For example, if you use white appliances, make sure your cabinets match. Or, if you love red accents, go for matching plates and cups.

Choose A Neutral Paint Color!

If you want to get a farmhouse vibe in your city life, make sure to focus more on the colors. Paint makes a big difference in how a room looks and feels. Neutral colors like white, off-white, gray, tan, and brown work best in kitchens.

Don’t go crazy with bright colors like red and blue; these colors look good in smaller spaces. Keep your kitchen decor simple and neutral. Avoid adding bright colors, prints, or patterns. Instead, keep everything dark and moody.

Create A Focal Point!

A focal point is anything that draws attention in a room. A coffee table, sideboard, or even artwork can serve as a focal point. Your kitchen shouldn’t feel cluttered, so opt for something simple and sleek. Use under-cabinet lighting to help hide clutter. Or, if you have wall space, hang baskets above the countertops.

Also, you can use a fire pit as the focal point of your kitchen. A fire pit creates a warm and inviting ambiance. If you don’t have room for a full-size hearth, consider using a small gas or electric stove instead.

Go Green

There’s no need to sacrifice style for sustainability. There are plenty of modern options for eco-friendly kitchen accessories. Look for bamboo cutting boards, glass cookware, and natural finishes like cork and beeswax. You also can consider adding plants to your kitchen to create a green vibe.

Remember, it’s okay to leave a few feet between the kitchen and dining area. This gives you enough room to move around without bumping into furniture. Use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. Look for glass, steel, and stone that are eco-friendly. And, always opt for products that are free of toxic chemicals.

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