Assessment Between European Kitchens & American Kitchen Designs

What’s trending in the world of kitchen design? No matter if you want to fully renovate your existing and outdated kitchen design and turn it into a completely modern one or want to minimally freshen up your tired-looking kitchen’s interiors or adding some new features to the current designs; a comprehensive and successful kitchen design project needs planning, designing, outlaying, and implementation.

By properly and professionally combining essential factors like layout, colors, cabinets, appliances, worktops, and so forth; you can create a beautiful-looking, functional, and modern kitchen for your home. And while talking about properly combining functionality, aesthetics, and modernism in the kitchen to make our day-to-day life more practical and easier, two kitchen designs that always come forth are – European Kitchens Designs and American Kitchens Designs.

Quartz Countertops, Textured Laminates, Leathered Natural-Stone Tops, And Metal Shelving – Ready To Explore What’s Trending In The Segment Of European Kitchens Designs And American Kitchens Designs? Check Out Below!

European designs and American designs have always been two of the most confronting segments while talking about kitchen modeling. Right from utilities to functionalities, from aesthetic sides to comfort and simplicity; both domains always stand against each other; thus making designers, architects, and homeowners speculating about the best option. This article has covered quite a few differences and similarities between a European-style kitchen and an American-style kitchen alongside some helpful tips to help you make the right decision for renovating your kitchen!

European Kitchen vs. American Kitchen

Outlook On European Kitchen

European kitchens are known for their seamless architectural details, uniform surfaces, simplified cabinetry, shiny handles, and negligible fuss. Sleek handle-free cabinet designs, clean-cut finishing, modular interiors, better energy-efficiency, and greater availability of appliances with energy efficiency rating labels make the European kitchen the best choice for any homeowner.

They often display a minimalistic, refined, and unadorned style of cook space with greater functionality and ease. In European-style kitchens, every element, including features, appliances, and fixtures are meticulously selected and installed to maximize space while maintaining a sagacity of optimal usability and pure beauty.

Reasons Why We Love European Kitchen Style?

  • European kitchens are minimal with their decors yet highly functional and urbane.
  • European Frameless cabinetries are ultra-stronger, space-saving, and add an ultra-sophisticated appeal to your space.
  • Their cabinets are perfectly streamlined to save spaces and the doors are charming and full-overlay in design.
  • They are suitable for any contemporary kitchen design, incorporating better functionality, ease of use, and more space.
  • European-style kitchens are small, space-saving, and just perfect for singles, small families, and couples.

Viewpoint On American Kitchen

When it comes to competence, modernism, and functionality, European kitchens are better than American style any day. Without any obstructed views of walls or doors; American-style kitchens represent their wider cuisine culture through their spacious rooms, fresh appearances, and aptness in terms of space.

American-style kitchens mostly reflect their asset of great interior designs, unique features, and great charms. Also known as an open kitchen, American style intertwines the kitchen and the living room for creating a visually warm appearance and appeal. They can also be your trendiest hotspot to chill and cook simultaneously.

Reasons To Love American Style Kitchen

  • One of the biggest advantages of American Style Kitchen is they are space-saving and roomier.
  • In terms of appearance, they are stylish, cozy, and infuse a greater sense of modernism and functionality altogether.
  • With various rising décor trends, American-style kitchens can be modified to adapt to living room decors.
  • Carefully chosen colors, well-designed lighting, and premium accessories can make American-style kitchens even more appealing.
  • They can be modified and personalized with different patterns, shapes, and sizes to create a multi-functional space.

Comparing European & American Style Kitchen

Size & Dimension:

European-style kitchens are perfect for smaller families, couples, and narrow house interiors while American designs create a more open, roomy look by merging with the living room. European kitchens are quite smaller in appearance than their American counterpart. By combining both open and closed kitchen styles; American design ensures a larger look to your space.


European kitchen cabinets are sleek, open, and frameless. Its frameless look makes the kitchen less obtrusive and a bit more lighthearted and simple. On the other hand, American kitchen cabinets have frames and often look a bit busier. Though they deliver a more depth and visual appeal, same time, they also can make the space congested with framed fixtures.


European kitchens often have shutters instead of window screens. It allows for more sunlight and air flowing into the cooking space, making it more airy and comfortable. On contrary, American windows are overfilled yet contemporary and sturdier as well. They can easily keep bugs and other pests out of your kitchen with strong frames and robust glasses.


While European-style kitchens promote simplicity, minimal decors, and complete detailing of furniture, appliances, and fixture; American kitchens can sometimes be cramped with oversized appliances like microwave, coffee grinder, food processor, blender, and many other standard utensils. European kitchens are more of a simple style where food preparation is mostly done manually because they prioritize originality and minimalism over modernism.


Most of the European kitchen appliances come with higher energy efficiency rating labels, in comparison to their American counterparts. However, whether you opt for American style or incorporate European design; settling on cutting-edge kitchen appliance innovations can save you dollars on your annual utility and electricity bills. Since energy costs are getting higher everywhere; focus on appliances’ energy efficiency rating labels.


In terms of kitchen hardware; both kitchen styles represent different characteristics. While European kitchen designs are more focused on functionality and simplicity over the visuals; American kitchen styles emphasize more on visual spectacles. As a result, American kitchens emanate a better yet an overfilled appearance. Plus, the American style infuses a lot of kitchen appliances while Europeans prefer manual cooking methods.

Overall, there are few comparisons between European kitchens and American kitchen designs. If you are planning for a kitchen makeover; focus on these basic features to make the correct decision.

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