A Quick Glance On Best Kitchen Cabinet Materials

What’s the best material for kitchen cabinetry?

Seems like an easy question, right? And yet it is so tough to answer!

But don’t worry! We got you covered! Below, we gonna discuss the best-selling materials that you can use for upgrading your kitchen cabinetry this year.

Cabinetry is one of the core components of any kitchen. It comprises almost half of every kitchen’s skeletal structure and works as an integral part of your cooking space. And thus, the style, materials, and finishes you choose for it, surely gonna affect the efficiency and longevity of the cabinetry.

Because the material is the component that determines how long the cabinet will last and how resilient it will be while facing wear and tear. Let us help you pick up the best material for kitchen cabinets with this post. Read on below to learn more.

Different Kitchen Cabinet Materials To Check Out

Solid Wood Cabinets:

The classic-favorite, kitchen cabinets made from solid woods are the best choice for both modern and old-style kitchens. While durability is a major benefit of solid wood, its appearance, shape, finishing, design, and color schemes are also timeless. Plus, they are also easy to install and can be easily customized to meet individual needs.

Plywood Cabinets:

If you can spend a little extra on your cabinets, then plywood is the right choice for your kitchen. Plywood comes with superior structural qualities and ensures better longevity. With perfectly fitting screws and quality mechanical fasteners, plywood cabinets show superior tensile, more durability, and compressive strength. Plus, they are extremely resistant to wear and tear dents and scratches.

Medium-Density Fiberboard Cabinets:

MDF or Medium-Density Fiberboard cabinets have become a popular choice among homeowners because of their attractiveness, character, durability, and strength. They are extremely resistant to cracks, warps, humidity, and temperature. Made from fine particles, MDF cabinets look sleeker and last longer. Plus, they are also easy to customize and come with a wide variety of finishes and styles.

Stainless Steel Cabinets:

Resistant to heat, moisture, chemicals, bacteria, and humidity, stainless steel is a classic favorite material for kitchen cabinets. Easy on customization, steel is also an eco-friendly material that comes without any chemical polishes or vanishes. With added durability, resilience, visually appealing shine, and quality, steel also comes with a higher price tag.

Particleboard Cabinets:

Strong, robust, and lightweight, Particleboard Cabinets split, warp, crack or expand. They are eco-friendly and resistive to heat, humidity, temperature, and wear and tear. Despite being pre-laminated, particleboard cabinets are affordable and easy on the pocket. However, when it comes to supporting any heavy kitchen loads, particleboard cabinets lack a bit.

PVC Cabinets:

PVC is the only cabinet material that comes with zero maintenance needs. PVC is super easy to clean and maintain. 100% Termite, wood borers, and other insects-resistant, PVC also comes with an array of shades, designs, patterns, styles, and ready-to-fit-in boards. With complete ease of renovating and replacing, it also lasts longer without any major maintenance.

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