Freshen Up With Our Top Picks For Your Bathroom Vanity Remodel

In the last couple of years, vanities have become an integral part of every modern bathroom globally. In every bathroom remodeling project, alongside the overall designs, colour schemes, layouts, lighting, fixtures, and bathtubs, vanities also have become a core consideration aspect.

Reasons Behind Bathroom Vanities’ Soaring Popularity

Talk about improving the aesthetics, adding more visual appeal to the simple bath space, or giving it a multifunctional competence, contemporary bathroom vanities have been serving all purposes. They are classic favourite, stylish, multifunctional, and can make your simple bathroom feel like a spa-like retreat.

Considering their tangible advantages, like providing the bathroom an added space, making it look more organized and simplistic, and improving its design and function; there’s no doubt why every homeowner these days is looking for a suitable vanity for their bath space.

By making the right choice regarding the size, style, colour, and materials for the vanities, you will not just improve the bathroom’s usefulness and expand its storage capacity, but also can make it look fresher, classier, and more contemporary by incorporating the latest bathroom remodelling plans.

If you have a bathroom renovation project in mind, then you must be wondering about the trendiest vanity choices to make your space look more stylish. From luxurious white marble vanities to statement vanities with matte black fixtures, below are the best bathroom vanity options to glance through.

Savouring Popular Bathroom Vanities Trends

Pedestal Sinks:

With a sleek design, practical style, iconic look, affordable price range, and easy-to-squeeze silhouette; Pedestal Sinks have been a classic-favourite and time-established addition to the popular bathroom vanity choices. Made from vitreous China, marble, or clay material, these sinks come with multifunctional countertop storage space for bathroom essentials and also provide a head-turning look to your space.

Freestanding Vanity:

Freestanding vanities are independent of both the floor and the wall. They are specially designed to resemble unconnected fixtures and come with built-in legs and plentiful storage space for bathroom essentials and toiletries. With cabinet door storage and smoothly functioning drawers, freestanding vanities have become the trendiest choice for bathroom makeover projects.

Wall-Mounted Vanity:

Though time-honoured, the wall-mounted vanities have always been a popular choice for modern bathrooms. Featuring an airy style design, it minimizes the visual clutter in the bathroom, provides great storage spaces, and makes your space look larger and cleaner. For a sleek, contemporary bathroom design, you can opt for the minimalist-modern floating-style vanity.

Corner Vanity:

Corner bathroom vanities are one of the most attractive and efficient options to remodel your bathroom. It can maximize the space in small bathrooms and make them look neater, cleaner, and more organized. Meant for the often-underutilized and narrow bathroom corners, it provides extra storage to your bath space and makes it look like a hyper-modern space.

Double Vanity:

Streamline the rush hours in your home with elegant and purposeful double bathroom vanities. With side-by-side, contemporary designs and free-standing bowls, these sinks allow two people to get freshen up simultaneously. Plus, it also adds extra storage space while improving the practicality, functionality, modernism, and visual appeal of your bathroom.

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