5 Best Flooring Types To Jazz Up Your Home

There’s no home remodelling challenge quite as frustrating as deep-rooted, worn-out floors. You can easily deal with other remodelling aspects of a building – you can simply change the paints on the walls, add new furnishing and accessories, and even can replace the fixtures and fittings of your kitchen and bathroom within a limited budget, but entirely replacing the old floor of your home can be a much bigger and costlier task to pull off.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to adjust your lifestyle with those old, ratty floor carpeting or scuffed-up surfaces. Today, with the greater availability of different flooring options and floor installation professionals in every corner, you can easily transform your outdated floor and give your home a quirky, modern, and eye-catching makeover. Right from Vinyl and laminate to bamboo flooring and even tiles, you can easily find a floor type that fits both your budget and your space.

Below, we gonna discuss some of the top trending and popular flooring types for residential properties, that are not just affordable, but also can meet your aesthetic requirements as well.

Flooring Choices For Your Home

Bamboo Flooring:

These days, the fast-growing and trendiest flooring material for residential buildings is bamboo. With the look, appearance, and feel of hardwood, bamboo comes in several different colours, designs, and patterns to meet varying needs. The best part is, bamboo flooring is completely eco-friendly, highly moisture-resistant, easy to clean and refinish, and hard-wearing.

Solid Wood Flooring:

One of the most prevalent types of flooring, solid wood has been there for centuries. They enhance the overall look of your property and are highly strong and durable. With low maintenance and easy to clean features, solid wood floors add greater value to your home. Plus, their colours never fade, even after years of use.

Engineered Wood Flooring:

Looks just like real wood, engineered wood flooring is the second most popular choice for residential property renovation projects. Aside from its eye-catching looks, countless colour options, awesome patterns, and greater design flexibility, engineered wood flooring is also extremely durable. Plus, you also can refinish or sand it occasionally to maintain the original charm.

Ceramic Tile:

Ceramic tile can work in any room of your home. Elegant, durable, strong, and eye-catching, ceramics are mostly recommended for the high-traffic areas of your home. With a hard-wearing and solid surface, ceramic tiles are highly resistant to dirt, pollen, dust, and other allergens. Plus, they are also easy to maintain and impervious to stains and wetness.

Laminate Flooring:

Much like engineered wood flooring, laminate is very much easy to clean and entails little to no maintenance. Plus, you can mimic the look of real stone or wood, without spending a fortune on it. Affordable and resistant to dents, scratches, and stains, laminate floors can also be installed over an existing floor.

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