Wooden vs. Ceramic Tiles – Determining Best Flooring Options For Your Home

While planning for a home renovation or conceptualizing a home designing project, one thing that gets maximum consideration and involves lots of judgments is the floor. The selection and installation of flooring products are quite large these days. However, among all the flooring products and covers accessible in the current market, the most time-honoured, popular, and greatest flooring trends involve two common options, i.e., Wooden Flooring and Ceramic Tile Flooring.

These two flooring options never get out of the trend, no matter which year you’re in or what kind of interior you boast. If you want to tackle new styles for your home in 2022, without spending a fortune on the new floor, wooden flooring and ceramic tiles are the two best options to consider. Be it domestic property or a commercial setup, both materials offer the best and ultimate floor covering.

However, while deciding between these two popular options, there are quite a few aspects to consider. Depending on your lifestyle, the location where the floor will be installed, budget, requirements, personal choices, and existing home interior decors, you need to choose between these two. Below is a quick rundown of the essential qualities of wood vs. tile, alongside the array of characteristics to look for while choosing both options.


Wooden Flooring: Whether you opt for hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, or even bamboo, wooden flooring always adds an indistinctive luxury, warmth, and lavishness to the interiors. They are of great quality and come in a myriad of colours, patterns, styles, and finishing options.

Ceramic Flooring: Available in both rough and shiny surfaces, ceramic tiles complement a varied range of interiors. Endless chokies in shades, patterns, and styles make it even more popular among homeowners. Highly recommended for the building located in steamy and tropical regions.


Wooden Flooring: Wooden flooring, though looks great, but is high on maintenance. They are susceptible to water damages and can be scratched or twisted in high-temperature areas or by high foot traffic. They are also prone to scratches if given high force.

Ceramic Flooring: If the ceramic tiles are properly installed, you don’t need to worry about maintenance for years. They are extremely easy on maintenance and can last for years only on dusting and washing. Ceramics are very much long-lasting and durable.


Wooden Flooring:

Wooden planks come with groove joints, which need professionals to be fixed and properly attached, and installed. Always remember that wood tends to expand while coming across temperature. Thus, make sure to keep an adequate gap between planks to avoid future floor damages.

Ceramic Flooring:

Cement mortar in the basement and white cement in the joints, ceramic tiles need the extreme temperature to be installed and fixed. Also, you need adhesive to join the tiles and set them properly with each other.  Needless to say, it also needs professionals to be installed.

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